Podium Waterproofing

Lets clear the point what actually comes under the podium, an area above the base is generally coined as a podium which is basically above the ground level and these days the area is not just the concrete path but to enhance the beauty of the place architects make sure there is grass all over, which is the root problem faced by many of the flat owners in the parking lot, water which was used to maintain the aesthetics is actually ruining it that's because of the failed waterproofing system.

Good Waterproofing practice...

We will discuss below, what actually is good practice for waterproofing?

Well, there are many points of consideration to check the quality of the waterproofing system.

  1. Get into the parking area and check the expansion joint, if those joints have a leak then there is a high probability that the quality of the waterproofing sealant used is bad. (Using polysulphide sealant is recommended for joints up to 5cm wide along with the backer rod)

  2. Check for the drainboards used at the podium level if the drainboards are clogged or are damaged then it is recommended to replace it along with the waterproofing chemical application.

  3. Check regularly if the water is having a proper channel to drain out, if not then give drain provision properly.

  4. Check if geotextile encapsulates the drainboard.

This is the basic checklist for any podium waterproofing system.


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