Roof Garden Waterproofing

Rooftop garden construction consists of two equally important phased applications: the waterproofing application and the garden assembly. The ultimate success of a rooftop garden depends largely on the proper design and installation of both of these system.

There are basically three waterproofing design segment that are essential to the success of the system:

1. Support of added weight to the building. There has to be an inherent compatibility of the rooftop garden and the structure.

2. Integrity of the waterproofing membrane and system.

3. Placement and size of the drains.

The waterproofing application in rooftop garden construction typically mirrors that of podium waterproofing. In this context, the waterproofing membrane is applied to the bottom of the system, in a protected or inverted state. It's not only the waterproofing membrane but also a protection system to be perfectly installed for the success of the entire waterproofing system.

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