Roof Waterproofing

  1. The roof is often confused with a terrace, the main differentiator is the uppermost portion is the roof and the paved area near the apartment or the back door which is generally coined as a penthouse in India, the area which is at the apex of the building and is a part of the structure is the roof and is generally the area which has relatively less traffic than the terrace.

  2. Now we are clear with the concept of Roof and could easily understand the significance of waterproofing the Roof.

  3. Being the topmost layer of the structure, it (Roof waterproofing) is more susceptible to the damage caused by rays from the sun as it is the top layer/surface leveraging its durability.

  4. The roof can be of any material, let's consider the least thermal expansion co-efficient material which is concrete and it cracks upon freeze-thaw effect and generally requires UV Reflective waterproofing membrane with at least 60% elongation property for withstanding the effect of weather and to make the surface waterproof.

  5. It's not just the waterproofing product application but also the design which plays an important role in making the structure waterproof.

Waterproofing of gabled roof

The image above shows the gabled typed roof which is to be waterproofed with Acrylic Polymers which requires special care while application, For expert guidance on all types of waterproofing contact us for the perfect solution.

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