Terrace Waterproofing

Waterproofing of terrace is a basic necessity for any construction so as to protect the structure from the ingress of water.

Waterproofing of flat terraces is a tricky problem in building construction, mainly because the surfaces are flat. This means that the water cannot run off the structure quickly, and will move slowly or pool above the surface, creating scope for leakage.

In addition, these flat surfaces require sumps or collection pits for the water to flow into before entering the vertical drainage pipes, which another great source of leaks.

Rough terrace surfaces are not good for waterproofing, as they encourage slow movement or pooling of water. Smooth surfaces are better. The more slope you can give to the surface, the better. A slope of 1:100 or steeper is recommended for terraces.

The best way for waterproofing a terrace is to use a liquid waterproofing polymer treatment. This is a thin monolithic layer of waterproofing material that is continuous and offers no path for water to enter the structure and offers no joints unlike traditional waterproofing with multiple overlaps.

The waterproofing treatment is done on top of the structural slab.

For new construction on top of the membrane, a filler material is laid. The filler material is necessary to give a slope to the finish of the terrace. This slope runs towards the drainage outlets.

The final layer is the finish. This may be a tile, or a stone, or any material that can withstand outdoor conditions. The finish and the filler layers themselves do not contribute to waterproofing.

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