Wall Waterproofing

Usually, waterproofing of walls are done from the external side as the susceptibility of water to pass through the external wall is more and many of our clients do have dampness issue inside and they always ask us for the solution to get rid of it as the damp wall also do brings fungal growth leading the bad air quality inside.

The basic checkpoints for walls before waterproofing.

  1. Check for any external wall cracks, if the cracks are all over the surface then the quality of the material used to be questioned.

  2. If the cracks are hairline thin then you could just ignore, as the acrylic waterproofing liquid will cover them easily.

  3. Check whether the wall has separation crack, as its the most common type of crack in buildings.

  4. Check the intensity of the dampness inside.

Dampproofing is important for the internal wall and waterproofing for external, as earlier said damp wall brings in bad air quality and prolonged damp walls bring's in fungus which further complicates the problem.

It is always recommended to go for an enclosed waterproofing system provided by Mr Fixit for peaceful and happy living and for the good health of your structure along with maintained aesthetics.

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