Waterproofing Gallery

Waterproofing of Old Terrace

Client was looking for Terrace waterproofing and the project was executed within 4 days for the entire terrace, which includes pressure wash, Filling of polymer in cracks, priming of surface and application of acrylic polymer to make the structure waterproof.

Waterproofing of Pre-casted Roof

The site which was to be waterproofed was actually the pre-casted roof and we were the only waterproofing company to arrest the leak after failed attempt by two competitors and within a month of project execution there was a flood type situation in Hyderabad and not even a single drop of water or any signs of dampness observed below the pre-casted roof ensuring 100% waterproofing.

Waterproofing of Decaying structure

The property which was to be waterproofed was not maintained for about 10 years and the walls, roof, plumbing lines and each and every section of the bungalow was to be repaired and restored, with the help and guidance by our team the client was successfully be able to restore the property with proper and technically right practice as after waterproofing the area was filled with water and tested for almost 15 days to check the waterproofing system.