Water Tank Waterproofing

Waterproofing of structure while construction not only adds quality but also drastically reduce maintenance of the building and prolonging the structure life, water is always considered bad for any metal as it leads to oxidation which further leads to corrosion Hence waterproofing is must for any construction from the foundation stage i.e basement to the roofing.

Due to undulation in roof surface , provision of less number of drain pipes or choking of same and improper detailing at junction in parapet and roof etc. water stagnates and dampness may be seen at the later stage which may intensify and leads to leaky roofs.

We have three different plans for our clients for waterproofing consultancy:

  1. Basic:- This plan would benefit clients looking for general waterproofing detailing and online support for their project with proper waterproofing compound usage for different areas.

  2. Professional:- This plan is designed for clients looking for waterproofing consultancy for their projects which includes roof garden and swimming pool.

  3. Premium:- Our premium pack offers dedicated waterproofing expert onsite and monitoring service for efficient project execution with timely video updates.

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